Black tree, tall, beyond,

Leaves small, bright, blond,

Days short, hazy light,

Nights long, moon bright,

Past the summer brief,

Now autumn, quiet relief.  

- eab, Fall ’66



A long time before the source,

               Dot Com,

There was the source,

               Divine Calm.        

Which is YOUR prime source?  

- eab, 10/25/10

October Revolution


10/25 is the traditionally understood date of the “October Revolution,” 1917. It involved the capture of the Winter Palace, Petrograd, Russia.  (Date refers to the Julian Calendar – corresponds with November 7 in Gregorian calendar.) 

The communists are not all dead but the system (as such) has failed and Believers (used by true Christians to distinguish themselves from Russian Orthodox “christians”) not only survived but grew in the underground and sadly, in prisons.



Carnality is:

selfish,  sick,

stubborn,  sad-ended,

scolding,   security-conscience,

sensational,   severe,

shocking,   sinful,

sour,   spineless,

stormy,   sulky,

surly, and suspicious.  

– eab, uncertain date, c. ‘90


When God finds a man who’s willing

And hungry for holy filling

He fills him, like water jars, up to the brim.

God is never known for failing,

Nor “short,” nor unavailing,

When a man is sold all out  to Him.

- eab, 10/22/08


Anton van Leeuwenhoek was born 10/24/1632.  He, as many true scientists, believed in God and was a steady, church-going (Reformed Church) man.  One of his letters speaks of “the most wise Creator and Lord of the Universe…” – he considered himself as viewing, microscopically, God’s tiny handiwork. 

Leeuwenhoek is known to have made 247 completed microscopes in which to study the single-cell organisms he referred to as “beasties.”  He died 8/30/1723 retaining his child-like [said positively] curiosity.


“… …we cannot in any better manner glorify the Lord and Creator of the Universe than that, in all things, how small forever they appear to our naked eyes, which yet have received the gift of life and power if increase, we contemplate the display of his Omniscience and Perfections with the utmost admiration.” – from Select Works by Samuel Hoole, p. 314

Up or Down

We lift up God –

as we go down,

We pull God down

as we put ourselves up.

- eab, 2/25/79


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