Soul honesty and

mind honesty go together.

The lying mind is NOT thinking.

- eab, 7/14/12



God is a majestic Artist in miles of mountain lands,

God is a marvelous Artist in pebbles or fine “beachy” sands,

God is a magnificent Artist in old, virgin, towering stands.

Artistry – He defines it, whatever He has in His hands.

- eab, 9/15/06

John Fletcher Quote:


Mr. Wesley I reverence as the greatest minister I know,

but would not follow Him one step farther than he follows Christ.

Works vol I, p71



“Is it on the Right side or the left?”

“It depends on which way you’re traveling;” 

“If you’re Heaven-bound it will be Right.” 

“If you are headed toward the HOT place it may ‘appear’ the opposite of Right.” 

Understood correctly, this explains the actions of saints, and

sadly, the re-actions of many who used to live and pray better. 

- eab, 9/15/14

Got an Answer?

From the Womb to the Tomb!

From the Tomb to Whom? ? ?   

- eab, 1/78,



Creator He was at man’s beginning,

Creating the earth, the sea, the sky.

Sustainer He was at the earth’s flooding

Protecting species: elephant and fly.

Redeemer He was at the “thorn-crowning”

Though “It is finished” was His final cry.

Ruler He’ll be at His great next coming

Forever ending the rule of the sly.

               – eab, 9/14/06

Dante – died


Dante Alighieri died 9/14/1321.  He is primarily known for his Divine Comedy.  In it he pictures the afterlife divided (in his imagination and background) into three realms: Paradiso (heaven), Purgatorio (purgatory), and Inferno (hell).  The best of these is Inferno.  He was born in Italy in 1265.


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