People used to wear plain clothing

                    but have character in their face.

Now their tee-shirt “speaks”

                    but their face is generic.

– eab, 5/91



Hypocrite – sinner on the sly,

Who will get found out, bye-n-bye.

Appearances mean much to him,

Wants his soul to look fat – it’s slim.

Such folk don’t go beyond the sky.

- eab, 9/1/08



9/1 Peter Cartwright was born in 1785, in Amherst Co., VA.  He was raised in KY where his dad, an ungodly man, taught him the sins of the day; but his mother, a God-fearing Methodist, prayed daily for her wild son.  When Peter was 14, a revival swept Kentucky from Cane Ridge and he came under deep conviction for sin.  But, unlike some, it was months before he obtained his “peace with God.”  He immediately began to preach.  Later Cartwright became a circuit rider and rose in the Methodist denomination to become (by 1824) a presiding elder.  This “rough, uneducated, and eccentric preacher” possessed stamina, quick wit, and a perception of human nature.  Peter also had an interest in politics and, as a Democrat, ran against Abraham Lincoln.  If you have not read his Autobiography you are missing a “classic view” of frontier life.  And he was another early American who moved west (KY) and then more west, dying (9/25/1872) in Pleasant Plains, IL.

Beyond Death

You made a million dollars. 

You left a million behind at death. 

You (& your wife :) ) “made” 2-6 children

You take (if raised right) 2-6 children beyond death.

– eab, 8/6/14

Have you ever

Have you ever been made to wonder

When you hear majestic thunder,

The size and the color

Of God’s celestial drum?

Or when you see the whirl

Of a humming bird (boy, girl?)

What exactly does a hummingbird hum?

What is the true color

Of a woodpecker’s collar,

As he rat-a-tat tats his way through wood?

Or why we universally,

Dislike the bumble bee,

Forgetting his pollination is all good.

Is the bark that you see

On yonder stately tree,

Gray, grayish or an odd brown?

And after the new rain

Does Mr. tree seem vain

That his bark, now wet, is toned down?

When a native or foreign goose

Is running on the ground loose

Has such a waddle to his walk,

But when he bye-n-bye

Takes to his “native” sky

We stare, or really do we gawk ?


               – eab, August 2010

Bunyan – died



8/31 John Bunyan died 1688 at London.  He was married in 1648, she (name unknown) died 1655(?), he married Elizabeth, 1655(?) and was the father of six children.  He spent over 12 years in the Bedford jail.  Among his writings are  Some Gospel Truths Opened (1656),  Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners (1666),  Pilgrim’s Progress (1678), and Holy War (1682).  Pilgrim’s Progress has had unkown number of printings and was early translated into 70 languages!   No book, except the Bible, was more widely read in its day.   He was born at Elstow-near Bedford-England, in November of 1628.


Bunyan Quote – “I preach what I felt and what I smartingly did feel; even under that which my poor soul did groan and tremble to astonishment.”

Soul Book

Because the soul is eternal and

the Bible is an eternal Book

they belong together.

- eab, pre’85


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