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The breeze came and turned it a little.

The frost made it slightly brittle.

The wind hit it in the middle.

And the rain ended the riddle.

It was a leaf.


It was down with many another;

Maybe a sister or a brother,

On that branch over yonder,

Before the rend made them wander.

Its life was brief. – eab, 10/65


Written while a college student, Cincinnati,Ohio

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Heaven?  –  it’s  Î   Í   to you!                  

                                                                        – eab, 10/1979

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“Yes” is a word he says “right well.”

This insures that he may long dwell,

On said board, making things to jell,

Jumping to the “top’s” beck and bell,

Buying the big man’s constant sell,

(Pretending worship when he fell)

Loyally following the “spell,”

Both up the hill and through the dell,

No “No’s” are whispered in his shell,

He’d never think a “No” to yell.

Who is this man of whom I tell?

He’s a “yes man.”  You know him well. -eab, 9/29/08 



Written at Westfield,Indiana

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Be honest – Which do you want?     Entertainment




                                                      Inner attainment?

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Black tree, tall, beyond,

Leaves small, bright, blond,

Days short, hazy light,

Nights long, moon bright,

Past the summer brief,

Now autumn, quiet relief.   -eab, 11/66


Written while in college, Cincinnati,Ohio

Other Fall Poems



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It can be measured (often is),

Though it has never been seen.

It has no color of its own:

Not blue, nor white, nor is it green.


It can’t be successfully weighed

On balance or on a scale;

Yet it is always up for “grabs,”

Daily this object is for sale.


It has no height from which to fall,

Cannot be rolled into a ball

Is “long” or “short” by attitude,

Is loathed or loved with gratitude.


What is this thing o’er land and sea,

Ruling the dry and maritime?

Give up?  Don’t you know it by now?

It’s the commodity man calls TIME. – eab, 3/3/05



Written in Kingston,Ontario,Canada

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Make sure that you daily do look,

Into that glorious Book.

Read a Proverb, a Psalm

To be perfectly calm.

Read it – or you’ll be a crook!  – eab, 3/3/05


see Bible Reading

 Written in Kingston,Ontario,Canada

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People who try to look like sheep but aren’t,

                             – end up looking sheepish.

See hypocrite

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To see a sunset,

And be atheist yet,

‘Tis hard.

That bard,* God knew,

Though stone blind.

May you seek like mind.  -eab, 11/1966

Written while a college student, Cincinnati,Ohio* Milton

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Religion will try to reform you


Salvation will Regenerate you.    – eab, 11/13/07



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