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Fame is but a flickering flame,

A flickering flame in full flight.

One unknown in the morning, is

Known at noon – forgotten that night. -eab,  – 9/9/08




Written in Westfield,Indaina

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How Are You Doing?

Good giving does not forgive bad living.

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Enjoy Fall

Today just before noon11:44 AM to be exact – FALL re-enters our world, again.  It has come (and gone) for all our memories.  It was coming and going when Christ walked the dusty trails and had the wet trials of the Galilean Sea.  In fact there has been an annual Fall since Noah and his seven human passengers disembarked the ark.  If you endure Fall, I am sorry – make it a time you pray more – that surely will help.  If you enjoy Fall I rejoice with you. It is a wonderful time of gathering the last of the garden, of enjoying pumpkin pie, of splurging in a glass of fresh cider, and savoring the snap of that new apple.  What a great time to thank God again, for His bountiful blessings. Fall is another season to thank Him for redeeming us from Adam’s fall.

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