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“Politics, election returns, Associated Press dispatches, questions of reform and many other matters can and will, if we are not careful, become switch-lines to take the Divine electricity out of our souls.”

                   – Beverly Carradine, Heart Talks (Cincinnati: God’s Bible School and College, n.d.), 125.



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Now is our pleasure, in parts divided;

Three ways delighted,

Triplet in nature.

Present, past, future, in thoughts united,

Separately sighted,

In realm of measure.

But in the Land of Bliss, where time is no more,

Pleasure is endless, no after, before.

An eternal kiss, on that wondrous shore.  -eab,  12/1966



Written in Cincinnati,Ohio              

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The trail to heaven has an upward trend.

(Everyone knows heaven is up in the end.)

Expect challenge on some slopes,

Such climbs tend to raise higher hopes;

Courage fellow climber, look up my friend. -eab, 9/9/08 




Written at Westfield,Indiana

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