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Allow me, as pastor to encourage you to be Biblical.  Instead of being “old-fashioned,” let us do all in our mental and physical powers to be Biblical Christians.  Not all that some want to call “old-fashioned” actually was. Further, not all “old-fashioned” was automatically good.  Conversely all, I repeat, all that is truly Biblical is good.  It is good for you, good for your children, and if the world stands until 2099, the Biblical life will be good for our descendents.  Read It, and heed It!

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“If you don’t have a hungering for holiness

             you have reason to question your relationship with God.”


– V. O. Agan, Message heard in person, 21 April 1992, Dayton, OH.  


Former President of the Alabama Conference of the Bible Methodist Church

Preached the ordination message when Edgar A. Bryan was ordained, 1977.

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A certain kind of people,

Meeting under a tall steeple,

Imagine that that’s the church.

Tall walls do not a church make.

New birth is more than a handshake;

Which these find out when in a lurch.


The church is made of redeemed hearts,

And though they meet in various parts,

Under clear sky, under a huge tree;

Worship, that’s why we gather,

Even in cold, wet weather.

Church is you and me.         -eab,  10/1/08


Written at Westfield,Indiana


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