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The men who no longer make mistakes


          are all in heaven. – eab

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The space between Eternity is spread,

And measured into units that are known.

In inches, feet, and yards the length is shown;

And pounds and tons are used to weigh up lead.

Minutes of time the baker knows for bread;

Degrees show how increased the heat is grown.

Full buckets hold the product of what is sown,

So all are gauged, from start till dead.


However, in that Land of endless light,

Where lambs and lions both are to be tame,

And where there comes no darkness of the night;

Dimensions as these are not the same.

To waste the gift of heaven’s perfect sight,

And clutter up the realm of boundless fame.   -eab, 12/66


Written in Cincinnati,Ohio



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To Whom

From the Womb to the Tomb!

                        From the Tomb to Whom ? ? ?   1/78

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