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Are we adding to God’s Word


          by insisting on using a word (rapture),


                             not in His Word?                   5/26/08




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At times – who can but honestly admit the stage?

The family altar would be calm and dry.

No quiver filled the voice, no moisture trimmed the eye.

Yon Ancient History stayed just that – flat as the page.

Distant battles were read, but did not seem to rage.

Light, the soul of poetry, was not freshly lit.

Finally – devotions closed, they closed with a sigh.


Ah, but those other nights – precious, dear other nights,

In moments for which no dad or moma prepares;

A son [1] leading out in prayer, thanks God for his stairs.

Verses once seen but darkly, take on brighter lights,

God illuminates truth which once held no delights.

His Word will not return to Him void

He Himself, so solemnly declares.         – eab, 9/97

[1] Our second son, Lincoln, about the time he started school, did this – it brought a smile to my praying face and then (as I realized his sincerity) it brought tears to my eyes.  This family altar was on Goodbread Street, Nevada, OH.

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“My Home, Sweet Home”

Walking along life’s road one day,

I heard voice so sweetly say,

“A place up in heav’n I am building Thee,

A beautiful, beautiful home.”



Home, sweet home, home, sweet home,

Where I’ll never roam;

I see the light of that city so bright,

My home, sweet home.

N B Vandall (N stood for Napoleon) was born this date 12/28/1896, in Creston, VW.  He was converted to Christ at a camp meeting in/near Sebring, Ohio in 1920.  He also wrote “After” (“After the toil and heat of the day.”  Vandall died 8/24/1970.

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