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Pick up the loose holly leaves,

Sweep the carpet and then,

Pack the wreath away to stay,

In the Christmas-stuff, storage bin.

Untwine the silver ribbons,

From chandelier so thin,

Slow down the pace of this place,

For Christmas is over again.


Chop the tree into firewood,

Place used boxes away.

The train for lad (and Dad),

Crate up for the next special day.

Candles and fancy paper,

In the seat by “the bay,”

Right beside the gowns that hide,

The shepherds in each Christmas play.


Does the Spirit of Christmas

Likewise, find Itself packed

And, with the pear tree, to be

In the far away attic stacked?

Oh – It will be used next year,

No luster will be lacked;

Unless abuse or disuse,

Find It broken or sadly cracked.


May the Spirit of Christmas be left intact.

Leave It, please leave It, unpacked!

The more that you choose It,

And prayerfully use It,

The less likely It is to be cracked.  – eab, 12/14/81

Penned in the Quaker-founded villege of Friendsville, TN (that is in East Tennessee, Blount Co.)

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Seed produces a certain kind of harvest.

                – From a sermon of H. Robb French


Holy Ghost represents the power of the God Head.

                – From a sermon of H. Robb French


Was Pentecost a special day?  No, it was a specimen day.

                – From a sermon of H. Robb French


We never give to God, we invest.

                – From a sermon of H. Robb French

H (Hamilton) Robb French was born this day in Denver, CO.  He graduated from Trevecca College (Nashville, TN) in 1915 and went on to become one of the most clear voices for heart purity in the 20th century.  I knew him personally and found him to be the most godly man I ever knew. 

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Month? Day?

Day of Christ’s birth – uncertain – one chance in 365 it was today.

Month of Christ’s birth – uncertain – one chance in 12 it was today.


Christ was born – very certain – no chance taken, it’s in the Bible.

          And in throngs of Christian hearts.  –eab, 12/25/08

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            Like  Him,  We  “Give”


            The voice of God walked in the garden.

            Does that imply He has toes?

            Sacrifices brought a sweet odor.

            Does that mean God has a nose?


            It sounds like He has a mouth, an eye,

            Maybe even has a hand.

            Anthropomorphism does abound,

            Some struggle to understand.


            These body parts are merely emblems.

            God  IS  Spirit – Was – will Be!

            But made “in His image” is still real,

            In ways no man’s eye can see.


            We’re made “Creative” like our Maker.

            We’re like Him in loving “Truth.”

            We appreciate realms of “Beauty,”

            More real than ear, foot or tooth.


            What does this have to do with Christmas;

            That God/man share “Mercy,” Love,”

            That God gave man “Imagination,”

            Other “Bits” of the Above?


            This time of year we think of His Son,

            Given as a priceless Gift.

            We’re made also to enjoy “Giving.”

            It brings a blest, inward lift.


            God – help us to be like You, year-round,

            Sharing Your “Love” here below, 

            And when we’ve given to You and men,

            May we upward, finally go.        – eab, 12/11/2008


                      The Edgar A Bryans



                        The Edgar A Bryans





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Christ – filled Christmas

May each reader have a Christ-filled day as we

recallHis willingness to come to earth and the

Father’s willingness to send Him.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. 

Edgar A Bryan 

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Prophecies of Daniel and Apocalypse of John – Isaac Newton


The former part of the Prophecy related to the first coming of Christ, being dated to his coming as a Prophet; this being dated to his coming to be Prince or King, seems to relate to his second coming. There, the Prophet was consummate, and the most holy anointed: here, he that was anointed comes to be Prince and to reign. For Daniel‘s Prophecies reach to the end of the world; and there is scarce a Prophecy in the Old Testament concerning Christ, which doth not in something or other relate to his second coming. If divers of the antients, as [8] Irenæus, [9] Julius Africanus, Hippolytus the martyr, and Apollinaris Bishop of Laodicea, applied the half week to the times of Antichrist; why may not we, by the same liberty of interpretation, apply the seven weeks to the time when Antichrist shall be destroyed by the brightness of Christ‘s coming?

                – Chapter X


We avoid also the doing violence to the language of Daniel, by taking the seven weeks and sixty two weeks for one number. Had that been Daniel‘s meaning, he would have said sixty and nine weeks, and not seven weeks and sixty two weeks, a way of numbering used by no nation. In our way the years are Jewish Luni-solar years, [11] as they ought to be;

                – Chapter X


Thus the Empire of the Greeks, which at first brake into four kingdoms, became now reduced into two notable ones, henceforward called by Daniel the kings of the South and North.

                – Chapter XII

Isaac Newton was a serious student of Scripture as well as a scientist – interesting combination.

He was born this day in Lincolnshire, England.  His thoughts on Daniel and Revelation can be downloaded from the net.

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Compared to Al Capone – few have sinned

                     Compared to Jesus Christ – all have sinned.         -eab, 2/2/06

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He was announced to Mary

His mother for earthly mold.

She knew He’d be special,

For she had been foretold.


And He was announced to Joseph

Temporal man at family’s head.

– Joseph married anyway –

His greatness is still read.


He was announced to herders,

‘Round campfires on Judah‘s hills;

Men know for their roughness –

Flesh, less frivolous frills.


Creatures from Glorious Yonder,

Harmonized them on the wing.

Announcements were made in verse.

Song is a wondrous thing!


He was announced to wise ones,

Far across Near Eastern sand.

Twilight’s lavender shade,

A new star joined the band.


“It can mean but one thing,” they said,

“A new head there is to crown.”

Camel and prince, and his gift

Traversed waves sifty, brown.


Each old herald in manner,

Is thanked for his timely thought,

But from their time, to ours,

The news had to be brought.


Burlap-clad, unsung, greats of yore

Told son’s sons, time on time.

Some traveled long, hard and late

In a worse, foreign clime.


Decades passed the Word along;

Announcements were made to tribes;

Were made in chieftain’s huts

Via tokens and bribes,


Were made inside the palace gates,

Were made to craftsman and slave,

To the weak, growing weaker,

To brawny man, thought brave.


Until, O Joyous Hour,

(After centuries of trust

It still was being told,

For telling it is a must)


Someone announced His birth to you –

To me, the story was clear.

Throughout this Christmas Season,

May their mem’ry be dear.        – eab, 12/83


Penned in Friendsville, Tennessee on the western edge of Blount County.

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“Angels from the Realms of Glory”   (Stanza 1)

Angels from the realms of glory,
Wing your flight o’er all the earth;
Ye who sang creation’s story,
Now proclaim Messiah’s birth:
Come and worship,
Come and worship,
Worship Christ, the newborn King!

Today is the day (12/24/1816) that James Montgomery published his famous Carol “Angels from the Realms of Glory.”  Montgomery, born of missionary parents (West Indies) was from Scotland.  He went to England and evenuatly published the Iris  a newpaper in Sheffield, England.  It was in this paper he printed this Carol.

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There is the  Amazing Conception

                   Anointed Life

                   Atoning Death

                   Astonishing Resurrection

         And   Appointed glorious Return                What a Life!

                                      – eab, 12/06





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