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The Bible is  H i s t o r i c a l  truth –


                             for an  H y s t e r i c a l  world  – eab, 1/21/09 

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God planned that man should have a wife,

And a shelter be their home.

That they should have children who would

Grow and likewise roam.

And these in turn should also learn, and a

Race thus should grow.

The home thus is the hub of life,

Because God made it so.


The true church (we know) is the body below,

Of Christ, in our day.

And forms the bride of the Lamb,

Holy, in every way.

Those who have tried to stamp, out its lamp

Have failed and always will.

God is not dead, as some have said;

He isn’t even ill!


The Christian school is a mighty tool,

For Jesus and the right.

Where every class is always taught,

In the Scripture’s holy light.

The devils fight to shut them tight,

And put them out of gear.

But God is on our side,

So pray on and never fear.


The Christian schools are not for fools,

Who deny that there’s a God.

But they point Him to exist from the stars,

Down to the sod.

May our God bless, W.C.S.,

With students who win souls,

And dash them in ‘mongst needy men,

From the equator to the poles.             -eab, ’73 Oct


Written while I was principal of Wyandot Christian School in Ohio. 

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“Take Up Thy Cross”


I walked one day along a country road,
And there a stranger journeyed, too,
Bent low beneath the burden of His load:
It was a cross, a cross I knew.


“Take up thy cross and follow Me.”
I hear the blessèd Savior call;
How can I make a lesser sacrifice,
When Jesus gave His all?

Alfred Henry Ackley was born this date (1/21/1887) in Spring Hill, PA.  He was a cello player, attended schools in NY and London, and worked with Billy Sunday.  He wrote hundreds of songs/poems among which is the well-known, “He Lives.” 

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