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Imagine someone saying to a photographer,

          “I can’t see why you are so interested

                   in the negative side of things?”


Preachers are also “picture takers.”

          Negative preaching is necessary to produce

                   a positive picture in the future – eternal future.

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The tares and wheat together grow,

At harvest time angels will know,

They’ll separate good from the bad,

The tares to be burned, Oh, how sad!

Are you wheat?  Do you for Christ glow?  -eab, 2/2/07

Penned in eastern Ontario, Canada, while pastoring the Kingston Pilgrim Holiness Church.

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“The most important thing is to know the will of God concerning one’s life,

i.e., to know what he wishes us to do and fulfill it.”


William Jennings Bryan, three times a contender for the Presidency of the United States of America wrote the above words in a letter on this date (2/2/1907).  Bryan was a Democrat and a Christian.  He penned these words to Leo Tolstoy who was a Russian and a Christian.  Tolstoy’s greatest work was also the largest novel in the world War and Peace.

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