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Up or Down

Heaven is Up – it is for the Upright


          Hell is Below – those who go, lived low   -eab, 2/3/09

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

“And so what,” the drunk said,

          eyes all black, nose all red,

“Drink and be merry, you’ll soon be dead.”


“Let me worry about that,”

Smirked the youth as he sat;

“The world owes me a living.” 

He laid down on a mat.


“Another day to make money,”

Scrooge replied, not being funny.

“The dollar’s the thing,

Make piles while it’s sunny.”


So the drunk, the youth, the miser

Go on no sharper, no wiser,

Claiming the day

That belonged to the Master.  –eab, 3/1974

Written while principal of Wyandot Christian School in northern Ohio.


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“Into the Woods My Master Went”

Into the woods my Master went,
Clean forspent, forspent,
Into the woods my Master came,
Forspent with love and shame.
But the olives they were not blind to Him.
The little grey leaves were kind to Him,
The thorn tree had a mind to Him,
When into the woods He came.


Out of the woods my Master came
And he was well content;
Out of the woods my Master came,
Content with death and shame.
When death and shame would woo Him last,
From under the trees they drew Him last,
’Twas on a tree they slew Him—last
When out of the woods He came.


Sidney Clopton Lanier was born this date (2/3/1842) in Macon GA.  Lanier was a confederate soldier in the uncivil war.  His early death (9/7/1881) may have been partly the result of his being taken captive by the Union.  

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