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The devil tried to compromise the Living Word (Christ)

                              – when he couldn’t he crucified Him.


The devil tried to destroy the Written Word (Bible)

                     – when he couldn’t he diluted It.2/28/09

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Seems Gideon had a big band,

They could’ve thought victory at hand,

God reduced it down twice,

Gave him “good sound” advice,

Broken pitchers; lit up the land. – eab, – 3/3/05, Jud 7.16

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As for the fear of danger that may come to me let no man be solicitous, for my life is in the custody of Him whose glory I seek, and therefore I cannot so fear their boast or tyranny that I cease from doing my duty, when of His mercy He offereth me the occasion.

                – Wm. Taylor, John Knox, (NY: A C Armstrong & Son, 1885), 124. 


I am in the place where I am demanded of my conscience to speak the truth; and therefore the truth I speak; impugn it who so list.

                – Wm. Taylor, John Knox, (NY: A C Armstrong & Son, 1885), 177. 


Go tell your master that sentence is pronounced against him; that the Divine vengeance shall never depart from him or from his house, except they repent; but that his name shall remain an execration to posterity, and none proceeding from his loins shall enjoy his kingdom in peace.  

                – Wm. Taylor, John Knox, (NY: A C Armstrong & Son, 1885), 196. 


“Without [sc. outside] the preaching place Madam I think few have occasion to be offended at me; but there Madam I am not master of myself but maun [sc. must] obey Him who command me to speak plain and to flatter no flesh upon the face of the earth.” 

                                                            – John Knox (to Mary Queen of Scots)

  – John R W Stott, Between Two Worlds (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans Publ., 1982), 304.

John Knox was born this date (2/28/1513) in Giffordgate, Scotland.  He was a strong voice for right in his day.

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