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Paul Harvey entered my life around noon in the summer of 1968.  After that I listened when I could and my wife taped his programs for me sometimes when I could not listen.  Though I did not always get to hear him, my day was a little brighter when I did.


I am a minister and at least once or twice I inadvertently called him “Brother Harvey” from my pulpit.  His tributes to Christ at both Christmas and Resurrection were highly appreciated. 


It was never my privilege to meet Mr. Harvey but I guess, I’ll miss him more than any other “Friend” whom I never met.


My sympathy to the family of the late, great Paul Harvey.


Edgar A. Bryan, Pastor

Union Friends



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Life is essential to enjoy liberty *


Liberty is essential to enjoy life.  – eab, 3/2/09


                                * true liberty is freedom from sin.

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Much of the kind palaver,

When friends and family gather,

Is about what the man did

While he scurried o’er the earth.


What his parents could afford,

Where he schooled, and what he scored,

Talk is of what he added

To his family’s total worth.


Or if he was a mixer,

Perhaps a great up-fixer,

Or that he was quite candid,

Or a man of jolly mirth.


None of such talk is centered

On the place the dead entered,

For the one discussed has died,

Forever leaving old earth.


To go up to God’s heaven,

Which has no carnal leaven,

Requires, to be qualified,

A second and holy birth.


After “birth” did he invest

His talents as he was blest?

Had he God’s kingdom supplied,

Even in times of his dearth?


What we’re worth when our life ends,

Heaven’s count of us depends,

Not upon gold neatly stacked,

Nor upon our ranch’s girth.


Heaven’s the place to send wealth,

Eternal illness or health,

High investment – related

Whether from New York or Perth.  – eab, 3/2/07  

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