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If God makes it


The devil hates it.  – eab, 3/16/09

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There once was a man who was strong,

(Though his hair was a little bit long)

Heathen gals he desired;

Three hundred foxes he fired.

His good is less known, than his wrong.

          – eab, 3/3/05 (Jud 15.4)

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When Israel out of bondage came,
A sea before them lay;
My Lord reached down His mighty hand,
And rolled the sea away.



Then forward still—’tis Jehovah’s will,
Though the billows dash and spray.
With a conq’ring tread we will push ahead;
He’ll roll the sea away.



Before me was a sea of sin,
So great I feared to pray;
My heart’s desire the Savior read,
And rolled the sea away.



When sorrows dark, like stormy waves,
Were dashing o’er my way,
Again the Lord in mercy came,
And rolled the sea away.



And when I reach the sea of death,
For needed grace I’ll pray;
I know the Lord will quickly come,
And roll the sea away.


Henry Jeffreys Zelley, PhD, died this date (3/16/1942) in Trenton, NJ,  He was an ordained Methodist minister, who wrote some 1500 poems or songs among which were “Heavenly Sunlight”and “He Brought Me Out.”

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