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God is responsible for man’s Life


                    Man is responsible for God’s Son’s Death.         – eab, March ’09

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A bum sauntered by mumbling to himself.

A child skipped by, whispering like an elf.

A businessman strode by, boasting to his friend.

Then two socialites pranced by – patter without end.

The paper-boy trod by, slurring his chant.

A cabby stomped by, in a wild rant.

A soldier paraded by teasing his girl,

While a baby toddled by – its sounds awhirl.

Witnessed this, as I stood by, in a train station,

Waiting to go bye-bye, to my destination. [1]

          – eab, Apr. 1966

[1] This is one of very few “fiction” poems – By that I mean I did not see this happen – written for a class. 

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“Faith makes life so even, gives one such confidence,

that the words of men are as wind.”  – Jim Eliot’s Journal (4/6/1952 entry)


Jim Eliot (with Pete Fleming, Ed McCully, Nate Saint, and Roger Youderian) was killed while trying to reach primative peoples for Christ in Eucador.


This half century later, we surely need to hear such proclamation again.

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