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          small portion of material,


                    stretched out of proportion,


                             soon to be punctured.  –eab, 4/18/09

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A geese vee flew overhead,

Headed for regions beyond,

Eventually to down glide,

To lakeside, creek, or mid-pond.


But now they angling fly,

Flying in good formation,

Individuals together,

Designed by great Creation.


Theirs is a great graceful gray,

Veeing off to far “new” homes.

One side slightly to the right,

Of the goose who with him roams.


The other side slopes to left,

Lefting to lesson the winds.

They call to each his buddy;

Is it courage he now sends?


The regal-dressed goose in lead,

Leads both sides of his big vee,

A loosely flying unit,

Yet each bird is truly free,


What wise cooperation;

Coping to reach a shared goal.

If God can thus make mere birds,

Can He not help man’s long soul? 

                – eab, 4/18/05   

[1] Was happy to see spring in Canada after our first winter.

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The next victim was the amiable Lady Jane Gray, who, by her acceptance of the crown at the earnest solicitations of her friends, incurred the implacable resentment of the bloody Mary. When she first mounted the scaffold, she spoke to the specators in this manner: “Good people, I am come hither to die, and by a law I am condemned to the same. The fact against the queen’s highness was unlawful, and the consenting thereunto by me: but, touching the procurement and desire thereof by me, or on my behalf, I do wash my hands thereof in innocency before God, and the face of you, good Christian people, this day:” and therewith she wrung her hands, wherein she had her book. Then said she, “I pray you all, good Christian people, to bear me witness, that I die a good Christian woman, and that I do look to be saved by no other mean, but only by the mercy of God in the blood of His only Son Jesus Christ: and I confess that when I did know the Word of God, I neglected the same, loved myself and the world, and therefore this plague and punishment is happily and worthily happened unto me for my sins; and yet I thank God, that of His goodness He hath thus given me a time and a respite to repent. And now, good people, while I am alive, I pray you assist me with your prayers.” And then, kneeling down, she turned to Feckenham, saying, “Shall I say this Psalm?” and he said, “Yea.” Then she said the Psalm of Miserere mei Deus, in English, in a most devout manner throughout to the end; and then she stood up, and gave her maid, Mrs. Ellen, her gloves and handkerchief, and her book to Mr. Bruges; and then she untied he gown, and the executioner pressed upon her to help her off with it: but she, desiring him to let her alone, turned towards her two gentlewomen, who helped her off therewith, and also with her frowes, paaft, and neckerchief, giving to her a fair handkerchief to put about her eyes.
Then the executioner kneeled down, and asked her forgiveness, whom she forgave most willingly.                     
– from Foxe’s Book of Martyrs


John Foxe died this date (4/18/1587) in London, England. 

He wrote Actes and Monuments of These Latter and Perillous Dayes

commonly known as  Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.  (The original was in Latin).

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