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More people are on their PC (personal computers)


          Than are in their PC (prayer closet).  Amen? Ouch?

                                                             – eab, 4/20/09

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The wart on the nose may change the pose

From “bride” to forgotten friend.


A night of “fun” ending with the sun

Could land you in the pen.


One careless match on dry thatch

Will turn the whole place to chars.


It is a fact, the small thought or act,

May spell destinies beyond the stars.   -eab, ’75 APR

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 According to one history source today, April 22 is the day in 1864, that the motto “In God We Trust” first appeared on a United States coin, a bronze two-cent piece. 

 Many people feel good about this motto which now appears on all our money.  I do not feel badly about it, but I am reminded of a late, older friend, Paul W Finch, who told me “the good is the enemy of the best.”  It is good that coins and paper money say this.  it would be best if they said, “In Christ We Trust.” (“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name [Jesus Christ of Nazareth–v10] under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” Act 4.12.)

 “God,” especially in backslidden America, could mean an assortment of supposed deities.  There is only one historical, yet ever-living, Jesus Christ – oh, that America would trust in Him!  Only Christ can save US from the path to oblivion all other corrupt nations have trod.


One more idea about the word “God” on US money.  For some the God they really trust is right there in their hand.  Money (filthy lucre) is their god – the true God (purity Personified) interests them little-to-none.   


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