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The Prince of Peace is


          the Prince with the “prints.” [1]


                        – eab, 6/14/09


[1] Nail “prints” where He paid the price all alone!

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To be a simple soul, with simple taste,

To love frugality while hating waste,

To love a lot, but require a lot less.

Is to make a life that will always bless.

A timely space on life’s path of haste.


The simple soul does not bespeak,

A simple minded, blinded freak.

The simple mind is dead to decisions,

The simple soul is one of precisions.

Pursuing the best, in a picture that is bleak.


The simple soul, whose demands are few,

Isn’t charmed by the magic words “modern” and “new.”

It’s the timeless values, centuries old and holding,

Bright and fresh, clear and never molding,

That interest him and truly satisfy too.


The simple is convenient, complete, and free.

The simple is open for all looking to see.

The simple is permanent, that is, nearly so,

And the simple is now, and always for me.

                        – eab, 6/15/75

Written while pastoring in East Tennessee just weeks before buying the campus in Friendsville, Blount Co.

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A man without Christ

has his roots only in his own times,

and his fruits as well.


Jim Elliot wrote this in his journal this date (6/15/1950).  He and his four faithful missionary co-workers became the most famous cluster martyrs of the 20th century.

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