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“I can do “this” and be a Christian.”

“I can do “that” and be a Christian.”


They are more interested in “this” and “that”

          than in Christ               

– eab, 3/12/09

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L  Lovely little girl of mine,

A  Alert in thought and speech,

U  Usually there to untwine,

R  Rambling bothers on my mind,

A  As I for your laughter reach,


C  Conceived and born in a southern state,

A  As the third for your mother, my mate,

R  Rejoicingly we announced “It’s a girl,”

O  Our very own contribution to lady hood.

L  Laura, you had a protecting swirl,

E  Embraced by brothers so “good.”


B  Brown, dark eyes, like Grandma’s,

R  ‘Raping round the strings of heart,

Y  Yet so bashful, and easily hurt,

A  Always tender, loving, kind,

N  Naturally playing feminine’s part.

Happy Birthday!  You made Moma and me very happy when you arrived in our “laps” on this date thirty-nine years ago.  You have truly been a blessing to my pastorates, a blessing to Hobe (both when attending there and when your husband taught there) and a blessing to the countries of Russia and Romania.  I love you so much.  Dad  

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School and church are outgrowths of the teaching and temple of the home.

Little things bother us because we are so little.

The surest way to lose a truth is to exaggerate it.

When we put the Word to the test of our experience, we’ve gone modern.

When wise men see the Savior they always go home a different way.

                                                                        – from various messages

Stephen D. (Douglas) Herron was born this date (6/19/1917) in West Blockton, Alabama.  His journey took him to Central Wesley College and Bob Jones University, to various pastorates and eventually to the founding of Hobe Sound Bible College, Hobe Sound, FL.

He had a sharp wit, a theological bent, and a good sense of humor.  He was passionate about Christian Education.  He was truly one of the greatest men I ever met.  His administration was marked by a care for his staff.  He made you feel a part of HSBC.

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