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H a u s m a n s

            Hobe is where they met – in her home state.

A              A young man wondered – is her room neat?

U             Ultimately he “knelt” at her feet.

S             Southern “Luziana,” a June date.

            Ministries?  US, Russia (not south)

A              And Romania (new “shapes” for mouth)

N             Natasha, Britanny, Darla, Bryan

S             Six Hausman? Six from two? “No ly’n”

                – 6/22/09

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Parable =

           A physical actuality

                    of a spiritual reality


                                    – eab, 5/18/07

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Daryl & Laura’s Wedding Song 

May I have your hand and will you walk beside me,

Through all life’s day, all of life’s day?

Will you be here,

Whenever I fear the next bend in the road?

Will you be strong,

When I’m tempted to go wrong?

Will you be my best friend, to the very, very, end?

Oh tell me, Oh tell me, Oh my love.



Yes, yes, my love, Yes to all the above.

With God’s help I’ll prove tomorrow

All these words in joy and sorrow.

Yes, yes, my love,

We’ll press on through life toward heaven,

Forgiving and forgiven.

Yes, yes, my love.


May I have your hand and will you stand beside me,

Through tomorrows, all tomorrows?

Will you have trust

When one of us must and faith seems so low?

Will you press upward,

When our friends move downward?

Will you for Christ be spent, and will you be content?

Oh tell me, Oh tell me, Oh my love.  – eab, 3/90 


The third child-third Wedding Song, God be praised.   One or more heard their song sung with damp eyes.  Sat down in Ponchatoula living room after church on Lord’s Day and Heather picked out notes as I “wrote”/sung it into existence.

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Take the Name of Jesus with you,
Child of sorrow and of woe,
It will joy and comfort give you;
Take it then, where’er you go.


Precious Name, O how sweet!
Hope of earth and joy of Heav’n.
Precious Name, O how sweet!
Hope of earth and joy of Heav’n.


Take the Name of Jesus ever,
As a shield from every snare;
If temptations round you gather,
Breathe that holy Name in prayer.


O the precious Name of Jesus!
How it thrills our souls with joy,
When His loving arms receive us,
And His songs our tongues employ!


At the Name of Jesus bowing,
Falling prostrate at His feet,
King of kings in Heav’n we’ll crown Him,
When our journey is complete.

Lydia Baxter died this date 6/22/1874 in NYC.  She wrote “Take the Name Of Jesus With You” (aka “Precious name”).  Baxter was born 9/2/1809 at Pe­ters­burg, New York.

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