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It should be the greatest of all desires

                              to avoid all sin


          – sin is the one thing that will keep

                             us out of heaven.

– eab, 12/14/99

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WIFE [1]

I married you in my happy youth,

Wife of my first love.

And year by year, I know the truth,

Our union was from above.


Because in you I find the arts

That I admire the most.

And our desires for united hearts

Are not an idle boast.


The habits and joys of one of us,

Are always some how shared,

And the burdens – come what must –

Are likewise mutually beared.


Yes, and you’ve the traits and likes

That a mother always needs.

To keep sweet, our sweet young “tikes,”

Blessed, little seeds.


So all in all, my love sweet,

You make a fine mate.

And if you’ll allow one repeat,

You make a fine mate.               – eab, 12/18/66



[1] I graduated from high school May 30th and married Martha Mae Scarbrough June 30th 1961. Married in Maryville, Tennessee, her home town and in church I pastored 1974-75.

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“The Cleansing Wave”

 Oh, now I see the cleansing wave!
The fountain deep and wide;
Jesus, my Lord, mighty to save,
Points to His wounded side.



The cleansing stream I see! I see!
I plunge, and oh, it cleanseth me!
Oh, praise the Lord! It cleanseth me!
It cleanseth me—yes, cleanseth me.


I rise to walk in Heav’n’s own light,
Above the world and sin,
With heart made pure and garments white,
And Christ enthroned within.


I see the new creation rise;
I hear the speaking blood.
It speaks! Polluted nature dies!
Sinks ’neath the cleansing flood.


Amazing grace! ’tis Heav’n below
To feel the blood applied,
And Jesus, only Jesus know,
My Jesus crucified.

Phoebe Palmer Knapp died this date, 7/10/1908.   She was born, 3/9/1839, the daughter Dr. and Mrs. Wal­ter C. Palm­er (Phoebe).   At sixteen years of age she married Joseph Fair­field Knapp, an official of Met­ro­pol­i­tan Life In­sur­ance Com­pa­ny.   They were Methodists.

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