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The deceiver (satan) says people are “bound

          who are free in Christ;


he says people are “free

          who are chained to society’s commands. 

            – eab, 7/7/09

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Age (when it found time to begin),

Was like a point, point of a pen.

Later, age becomes a mere word,

Then words “bunched up,” as a full herd.

Soon age is its own paragraph;

(Do “aging” jokes now make you laugh?)

Age, in its swift moving old rage,

At present covers a full page.

Once a period?  Now chapter!

Age keeps growing.  What’s it after?

Age will soon more chapters complete;

On-rolling age knows no defeat.

Shortly, age will own the whole book;

It steals youth like no other crook.

Like a book, long ago loaned, Friend

Lastly come those sad words – “The End.”

          – eab, 7/13/09

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“Look, Ye Saints!  The Sight Is Glorious”

Look, ye saints! the sight is glorious:
See the Man of Sorrows now;
From the fight returned victorious,
Every knee to Him shall bow;
Crown Him, crown Him,
Crown Him, crown Him,
Crowns become the Victor’s brow,
Crowns become the Victor’s brow.

Crown the Savior! angels, crown Him;
Rich the trophies Jesus brings;
In the seat of power enthrone Him,
While the vault of heaven rings;
Crown Him, crown Him,
Crown Him, crown Him,
Crown the Savior King of kings,
Crown the Savior King of kings.


Sinners in derision scorned Him,
Mocking thus the Savior’s claim;
Saints and angels crowd around Him,
Own His title, praise His name;
Crown Him, crown Him,
Crown Him, crown Him,
Spread abroad the Victor’s fame,
Spread abroad the Victor’s fame.

Hark, those bursts of acclamation!
Hark, those loud triumphant chords!
Jesus takes the highest station;
O what joy the sight affords!
Crown Him, crown Him,
Crown Him, crown Him,
King of kings and Lord of lords!
King of kings and Lord of lords!


Thomas Kelly was born this date 7/13/1769 at Dublin (County Queens) Ireland. 

He was the son of an Irish judge, was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, looking to follow in his father’s profession.  He changed his mind, was ordained an Episcopal clergyman (1792).  His fervent, evangelical preaching brought him into disfavor with his archbishop, who prohibited him from further preaching.  Thus Kelly became a dissenter.  He is credited with 765 hymns.  Kelly passed away 5/14/1855.

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