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As Jesus died, apparently powerless

(at hand of the leading world power)  

He was doing the most powerful deed –

redeeming the entire human race.

– eab, 7/20/2006

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There are prayers from the heart,

There are prayers from the head,

There are prayers half alive,

And prayers that are all dead.

There are even prayers read –

To please the humans that hear.

But the best prayers include “Which art”

Intended only for God’s ear.              

                – eab, 8/89

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“You have but one Pattern; follow Him inwardly and outwardly. 

If other believers will go step for step with you, well; but if not, follow Him!”


John Wesley, on the date, 8/9/1765, is said to have written the above.  Wesley, of course, was the Brit (along with his brother Charles and to some extent, George Whitfield) who founded Methodism.

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