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We can think about water,


          write about water,


                   feel water but


                             unless we drink we will die.


We can think about God,


          write about God,


                    even feel He presence but


                   unless we have Him inside, we will

 spiritually die.   


– eab, 8/20/09

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If you have to turn and look back down the trail,

To find your best years in this earthly vale,

Something’s wrong;  Reach out your hand,

Re-grasp His – He’ll understand.

                – eab, 8/24/06

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This is the date, 8/24/1572, that thousands of French Christians called Huguenots were massacred in France.  Roman Catholic conspirators apparently acting under orders of Catherine de Medici, killed those they would have called “Protestants.”  (Catherine de Medici was advisor to her son, King Charles IX.)   

Known also as the “St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre,” it saw the slaughtering of thousands.  These men and women had added to the intellectual, educational and financial reserves of the French – France became a poorer nation because of this terrible day/night.

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