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Be with Christ in persecution


be with Christ in paradise!


                             Go with the devil “pell-mell” –


                             go with him, sadly, to hell.   

- eab, 8/27/09 

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Don’t think it odd,

That I believe in God,

The God of sky and sod,

The God of whale pods,

And bean pods,

And all in between pods.


          His evidence is everywhere,

          His absence is no where,

          He is here, He is there,

          He’s always been there,

          (Before a “there” existed)

          And He’ll be there,

          After “there” has persisted.

                – eab, 8/27/06

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            OF  REFORMATION

          I do not know of anything more worthy than to consider first, the foul     and sudden corruption, and then after many a tedious age, the long deferred,       but much more wonderful and happy reformation of the Church. Sad it is to             think that such a Doctrine should through the grossness and blindness of her       Professors, and the fraud of deceivable traditions, drag so downwards as to             backslide one way into the Jewish beggary and stumble forward another way      into the new-vomited Paganism of sensual Idolatry.

            The superstitious man by his good will is an Atheist; but being scarred    from thence by the pangs and gripes of a boyling conscience, all in a pudder

shuffles up to himself such a God and such a worship as is most agreeable to      remedy his fear. Fear fixed only upon the Flesh renders likewise the whole         faculty of his apprehension carnal, and all the inward acts of worship issuing             from the native strength of the Soul run out lavishly to the upper skin, and there harden into a crust of Formality. Hence men came to scan the Scriptures by the Letter, and in the Covenant of our Redemption magnified the external signs             more than the quickening power of the Spirit.

           How should it come to pass that England, having had this grace and       honor from God to be the first that should set up a Standard for the recovery of      lost Truth, and blow the first Evangelic Trumpet to the Nations, holding up, as 20    from a Hill, the new Lamp of saving light to all Christendom, should now be       last, and most unsettled in the enjoyment of that Peace, whereof she taught the            way to others? For, albeit in purity of Doctrine we agree with our Brethren, yet     in Discipline we are no better than a Schism from all the Reformation. For while             we hold Ordination to belong only to Bishops, as our Prelates do. we must of          necessity hold also their Ministers to be no Ministers, and shortly after their           Church to be no Church.

John Milton’s works were burned this date 8/27/1660, by royal decree, as English monarchy was restored (Milton had supported Parliament).

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