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Make sure when Online


            that you stay Inline


to not hinder your Up-line (relationship to God)


            nor wrongly influence your Downline (those you influence).       

eab, 9/3/09

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God has given much to me,

An unending sky, a fathomless sea,

Food more than some great past kings,

Clothes and shoes – too many things.

Health that keeps me off a hospital floor,

And away from the specialist’s door.

I’ve a lady, my very own wife,

To have and to hold all of life,

Two sons with mates and kids of their own,

Daughters married (seed numbers unknown).

God has given much to me.

These lines I hope help you see.

                – eab, 9/01

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The former USSR is said to have “dissolved”  (by Congress of People’s Deputies) this date 9/5/1991.  The “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” broke up into several (some Moslem empowered) smaller units.  Note – Communism is not dead (over there) and socialism has raised its ugly head here.

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