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You had no choice about


Your Face or your Race –  (of which some are proud)


                You HAVE a choice about Grace          (humbly accept God’s gift) 


            – eab, 9/22/09

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“Let My people go” the Lord said.

When they were let go, Moses led

Through the sea and through the sand

Starting, stopping at God’s command.

Glad?  They were rebellious instead.

          – eab, 9/8/7

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William Holmes McGuffey was born this date, 9/23/1800, in western PA.  Later his family moved to the Ohio frontier where he was raised.  He became a professor of languages at Miami University in Ohio.  McGuffey was a minister and an advocate of public education when it was in a much purer stage. 


He compiled six readers (in progressive levels which carried true moral tones. 

His McGuffey Readers may have sold as many as 120 million copies. 

Personal note – my dad, Clyde D. Bryan, used McGuffey’s Electic Spelling Book in Murry City, Ohio in 1912.  I possess that book with Dad’s childish signature.

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