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You will follow the Prophets



or you will follow the Profit$.


– eab, 8/03

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A few more years, or months, or days,

And we’ll be shouting our Savior’s praise,

In that home He’s prepared,

Beyond the stars.


A few more miles, or yards, or inches,

A few more of this world’s knocks and pinches,

And the crown and the victory

Will all be ours.


So hold on to thy Brother, Light, and Friend.

Around the corner is the Living “End.”

Our troubled souls will soon fly

These mortal “bars.”      

          – eab, 10/73

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George Muller was born this date, 9/27/1805, near Magdeburg, Germany.  He was converted to Christ (1825) from a wild, sinful, even criminal life, under the ministry of the Moravians.  George began evangelistic work among Jews, children and others.  He came to England (Bristol) and eventually started his famous Faith orphanages.  This work of faith was supported by prayer, obedience, and private gift.  It is said that he (and his many helpers) took care of 10,000 orphans and that at his death (1898) some eight million dollars had passed through his trusting hands.  Only heaven will reveal the wonderful work this man accomplished, relying upon His Savior.

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