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When a “Christian” thinks like the world


                The world tolerates him.


When a Christian opposes the world


                The world opposes him.                     


– eab, 10/31/09


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The beggar had sores, he was sick.

Hound came his foul spots to lick.

Then the angels came by

Bore him up on high,

Where gold replaces red street brick.

(Luk 16.22)               -eab, 3/3/05

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Thomas Coke on this date, 11/3/1784, landed in New York City.  He, at age 37, was the first Methodist bishop to come to what was then dubbed the “New World.”  John Wesley had designated Coke to ordain the first Methodist elders and bishops here; one of the first ordained was none other than the minister Francis Asbury.

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