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Time was when children played


          imitating the real, world.


Now, sadly, too many adults(?) are


          childishly concerned about


                   an unreal world of play.

– eab, 11/6/09

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H. C. B.

Have you ever seen an angel? [1]

Well, one just tripped by.

Her hair the color of harvested straw.

Her eyes?  The color of the sky.

She’s the littlest child with a Bryan name,

She lives with me and my sweet dame.

And this morning as I saw her,

Cheeks rosy in health,

I thought of the angels God made in His wealth.

And I don’t know how many angels God has,

I suppose a billion or three,

But I’m very glad He gave one to us,

To share, this side of eternity.                      

                – eab, 11/76


[1] “Angel” is here used tongue-in-cheek.

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“Expect great things from God,

           attempt great things for God.”


 “The future is as bright as the promises of God.”


 TODAY is the DATE, 11/7/1793, that “the one and only” William Carey, landed in India.

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