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UP or up?

“Growing up


                is opposite


“giving up.”


– eab, 11/12/09

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If you are used to saying,

“The Good Lord willing,

And the creek don’t rise.”

Watch the storm clouds

In yonder skies.

            – eab, 3/2/09

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Union Institute on this date, 11/21/1852 was chartered as a Christian training school by Methodist Church in Randolph County, North Carolina.   The school was renamed Trinity College in 1859.  It was not doubt a good move to drop “union” in light of the pending strife closely related to that word.  It was a wonderful move to honor the wonderful Trinity with this new name.  In 1892 the college campus was moved to Durham, North Carolina.  

But listen to this.  A tobacco magnate named James B. Duke decided to give Trinity College a gift in 1924.  It was a huge gift, reported to be a $40 million endowment.  For money (it seems – God knows the hearts of the men) the great name Trinity was dropped.  Want to know what took its place?  Try Duke.  Oh, the power of money – even on a Christian college.  Trinity College became Duke University.


Info Source - William D Blake. Almanac of the Christian Church. Minneapolis: Bethany House, 1987.  

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