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Details are important!

If a man’s his shirt has half-a-dozen holes

                That’s BAD.

If those are buttonholes

                That’s GOOD. 

Listen for details.

– eab, 11/9/09

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Brother Adams, you’ve joined the column,

At the graduation stand;

Stood in solemn moments waiting,

For the Sheepskin in His hand,

Seen His smile of heavenly welcome,

Passed your tassel to the right,

Said Good-bye to final testings

Brother Adams, you’re Home, tonight.


Some time ago your schooling started,

Pop quizzes and daily grades,

Small battles with disappointments,

Major frays under gray shades.

Times were when you were sorely tempted,

To give in and drop the fight,

But praise God, you stood the testings,

Brother Adams, you’re Home, tonight.


Hard assignments another shirked at,

You foresaw as needed grace,

And rising to the occasion,

Test by test, you were at place.

We’ll never know what depth of trial,

Far of vision, long on sight,

That beset your daily plans, but,

Brother Adams, you’re Home, tonight.


If we could make a two-way contact,

Ask and hear about the Place;

Are the requirements of the course,

Worth the daily grind and pace?

I am sure you’d readily answer,

“Stand the test, Buck the blight.”

You’d encourage us to hold, ’cause,

Brother Adams, you’re Home, tonight.


And as we do our rough assignments

As we struggle for the top,

May we remember the example –

Sacrifice – you did not stop.

You wrote the lessons out in detail,

Pushing in your tiring might,

Not failing in the Finals, and –

Brother Adams, you’re Home, tonight.

          – eab, 12/1/84

[1] Earl Adams, for years head of EBM (Evangelical Bible Missions) Summerfield, FL probably saved it from extinction after G. T. Bustin left. Adams served on the Advisory Board for Christ College.

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Jim Elliot on this date, 12/1/1950, is reported to have written in his journal:

“Unwillingness to accept God’s ‘way of escape’ from temptation, frightens me what a rebel yet resides within.”

 Jim Elliot was one of the five American missionaries martyred along the Curaray River, in Ecuador in 1956.  The others were Pete Fleming, Ed McCully, Nate Saint (the pilot), and Roger Youderian.

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