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He came to Bethlehem


            That’s History.


He can come to YOUR heart


            That’s Victory!            

– eab, 12/2/09                      

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To the Friends of Friendsville, widespread

Joyous Holiday Greetings are said.

In the season of green, and gold, and red

Blessings, be on you all.


That Christ, Who was born near a donkey’s stall,

That came to cure Adam’s race from its fall,

Who, grown to a Man, faced Pilate’s drear hall

He’s the reason, for the season.


The Creator became a virgin’s Son.

He dwelt among men, just like He was one,

Enduring their words, blasphemous “fun.”

The virgin’s Boy brought the world joy.


Christmas to many, means new cloths, a toy

To some happiness, to others annoy.

The pessimist see only employ,

How benighted, when they could be Lighted.

                                – eab, 12/75

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“Who is it that loves God and does not wish to love Him with all the heart?”                           – Message heard by author, November 28, 1984, Friendsville, TN.

“It is absolutely wrong to pray about something you already know is wrong.”                      – Message heard by author, April 4, 1986, Dayton, OH.

“If you don’t have a hungering for holiness you have reason to question your relationship with God.”       – Message heard by author, April 21, 1992, Dayton, OH

“The purpose of God is not to make you happy; the purpose of God is to make you holy.”                     – Message heard by author, April 21, 1992, Dayton, OH.

“If you’ve lost [the] joy, you’ve lost God.”  – Message heard by author, October 11, 1994, Oelrichs, SD.

“What is heaven but an eternal monument to holiness?” – Message heard by author, September 11, 1996, uncertain location.

“The sanctified Christian can do what he desires and at the same time what God requires.” – Message heard by author, February 8, 1998, Hobe Sound, FL.

“You loose your world citizenship in the process of being sanctified.”  – Message heard by author, February 8, 1998, Hobe Sound, FL.

V O (Verlon O) Agan was born this date, 12/7/1923, in Georgia.  He became a follower of Christ on July, 28, 1939 and later enrolled at God’s Bible School and College in Ohio.  While there he roomed with a son of Alvin K York and it was also there that he met and married Ruby Davis from Alabama.  Brother Agan pastored, became president of the Alabama Conference of the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches, spoke on various mission fields, and served on various boards, including the Inter-church holiness convention.  He was also interim president of Union Bible College.  Agan passed from this life March 25, 2006.

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