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Carnal man craves


                so much of this world


and cares so little


                 for the next.         


– eab, 12/3/09

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Before the blaze of the sun’s first rays,

He was eternal in existence.

The Father, Son and Spirit were One,

Perfect Holy Ones of permanence.

Life He had known; He had never grown,

He was ever knowing, complete, full.

Harmony’s strains, gladly ruled the plains

Of Emmanuel, Wonderful!

Man – oh, the contrast with the above (full of Love)

Sinning, selfish, hierarch,

Blinded by senses deeply desired, still aspired,

Always he “missed the mark.”

But at Bethlehem Christ became man what a plan.

Everyone’s Savior, hence.

       - eab 12/87

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Elisabeth Alden Scott (Mrs. Betty Stam) was born in China, 2/22/1906, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Scott, Presbyterian missionaries.  Betty dedicated her life to the Lord at Keswick, New Jersey, Bible Conference.  She then went to Moody Bible Institute, where she met John Stam.

John Stam was born 1/9/1907 at Paterson, New Jersey.  Betty shipped our for China in 1931. John arrived in 1932, and they were married in October of ‘33.  God blessed them with a daughter, Helen Priscilla, the following September at Wuhu, Anhwei Province.

They were sent to Tsingtch, Anhwei, in November 1934.  The Stams were captured by Chinese Communist bandits the morning of December 6, and they both were beheaded two days later.  God allowed Helen Priscilla to be preserved and to be returned to the States.

It has been stated that the martyrdom of John and Betty Stam did more to inspire missions than any previous event in the history of Gospel work in China.


John Stam and Betty Stam were beheaded this date 12/8/1934, by the Communists in China.

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