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Earthly kingdoms have men,


                and square miles.


God’s KINGDOM is measureless,


                 and has square men!


– eab, 1/1/10 

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The damp dark bark down below

And the wind whipping through above

Make me glad for a fireplace glow

About a hearth with ones I love.

                – eab, 1/13/76

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George Fox died this date, 1/13/1691, at London England.  As a boy/young man he associated with some Puritans and some Anabaptist.  These associations may well have lead Fox (at about 23) to leave the Church of England (Anglican Church) and become a wandering minister.

Fox and the Society of Friends (“Quakers”) which he founded in his mid-thirties, stressed the Holy Spirit’s dwelling in the human heart and each individual’s direct communion with God.  He married Margaret Fell (a widow) in 1669.  George Fox was born 7/?/1624, at Fenny Drayton, Leicestershire, England.

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