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The love of Money,


is the ruin of Many!  


– eab, 1/14/10

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This is God’s elevated, holy day.

He gave us six to work, buy, sell, and play,

He gave us six days to work our small plan,

Give Him His – don’t be greedy, little man.


Step aside from commerce, step aside – pray.

Worship God the Biblical, unique way.

Let businesses feel our conscientious ban,

Give God glory from Beersheba to Dan.


Give God “the first” and emphatically say,

You may have all my days, You may, You may.

On His day I’ll slow down, as best I can,

I’ll walk – not run, as I usually ran.

                – eab, 1/14/07

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Francis Schaeffer is said to have written (in a letter) on this date, 1/14/1972:

“I have come to the conclusion that none of us in our generation feels as guilty about sin as we should or as our forefathers did.”  Amen.

Francis Schaeffer was born 1/30/1912 at Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

He died 5/15/1984 at Rochester, New York.

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