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How are you doing?

Insanity =


When the shadowy become real


And reality becomes a shadow


– eab, 7/5/09

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Elijah went up in a chariot of fire.

He left his country of sickness and mire,

Going where no priest or prophet is for hire,

Going where white robes are the saint’s attire.

God, give us more of Elijah’s fine fire!

          – eab, 1/14/07

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David Brainerd is reported on this date, 1/17/ 1745, to have penned in his journal:


“Oh, how comfortable and sweet it is, to feel the assistance of divine grace in the performance of the duties which God has enjoined on us!”


Brainerd was a Colonial era missionary to the Indians in the American northeast. He was born 4/20/1718 at Haddam, Connecticut and died 10/9/1747 at Northampton, Massachusetts.

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