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Idolaters “get carried away”


                with an idol


they can carry away.


– eab, 1/7/10

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When the box contains your brother, your kin

Sent a useless foreign war to “win.”

(Remember – corporate murder is still sin.)

It’s hard to feel “patriotic” within.

                – eab, 1/21/09

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I don’t care what church you belong to,
Just as long as for Calvary you stand.
Just as long as your heart beats with my heart,
You’re my brother, so give me your hand.

H Robb French died this date, 1/24/1985 (12:10).  French attended Trevecca College.  Later he married a grade school girl friend Geraldine Trusler (June 23, 1919) – they had no children.           

H (Hamilton) Robb French and wife were used on God in a great revival in Alabama.  He, his wife, and another couple, the Zucks, founded Sea Breeze Camp Meeting (Hobe Sound, Florida) in 1946.  He was also a co-founder of the Inter-Church Holiness Convention which started in 1952.  French authored “I Don’t Care What Church You Belong To” (a portion of which is above), “There’s More With Us Than Be With Them,” and at least two books The Revival Secret (1934), Sea Breezes a book of his poems (1971).  He was born 12/26/1891 at Denver, Colorado.

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