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Some have a fixation


                with fiction


But are terrified


                about truth.          


– eab, 2/11/10

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We’re all traveling a road of no return.

We all need wisdom to discern

The right from the left, the wrong from the right;

To avoid tripping in the gathering night.

                – eab, 2/21/09

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“Jesus is the Word, the Bible is words about the Word, theology is words about the words about the Word, and all the time your’re getting further from Christ.” [1]

  – Recorded in Edgar A. Bryan, Glimpses of Greatness, (Shoals, IN: Old Paths, 2009), 93.

Richard Wurmbrand on 2/29/1948, was arrested by Communist authorities in Romania.  On morning of this last Lord’s Day in February, pastor Wurmbrand was walking down the street.  A black four-door sedan pulled up beside him.  A man emerged from each door forced him into the sedan.  He spent fourteen years in prison. 

I was privilege to hear him at IHC (then held at God’s Bible School) in person.  Later he  founded Voice of the Martyrs.  He was born 3/24/1909 in Bucharest Romania – and passed from this life 2/17/2001 in Torrance, California.

[1] Wurmbrandt, Richard. Heard by author, April 1966, Cincinnati, OH.

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N. E. W. S.

From where does N. E. W. S. come?

N.  North

E.  East

W.  West

S.  South               


– eab, 2/26/10

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When you see a puddle that’s ruddy,    

Don’t contemptuously call it “muddy,”

Unless its near-by-buddy

Is clear.

It may be the “ruddy season,”

Or have another reason,

Why to your eye it’s not pleasin’

My dear.      [1]

                – eab, 2/8/06          

[1] Written after seeing a puddle, walking on acreage behind church in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

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“Most of God’s people are content to be saved from the hell that is without. They are not so anxious to be saved from the hell that is within.”

Robert Murray McCheyne on this date, 2/27/1839, is said to have written the above in a letter.

He was a pastor who was born 5/21/1813 at Edinburg, Scotland and died 3/25/1843, at Dundee, Scotland.

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WHO said,


God does not “mean”


what He SAID???


– eab, 2/24/10

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Broadway has the sound

Of lots and lots of room.

But it does not advertise

Its end is always doom.

          – eab, 2/23/04

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“…We have in the holiness Movement the practice of such things as mixed-bathing, wearing of all sorts of brief attire, movie viewing (at home and in theaters), public sports participation, etc. and no one is supposed to utter a protest…” [1]

“Trying to find where some holiness preachers stand on some issues it like trying to hold down an eel on a slippery rock.” [2]

“…Many are fooled by the liberal holiness preacher’s terminology…‘worldliness’…he in no real sense means…”  [3] 

Steve D. “S. D.” Herron died this date, 2/25/1994 at Charlotte, North Carolina.  He founded Hobe Sound Bible College in 1960.  Early HSBC board members included H. Robb French, C. Ponder Frederick, Mrs. Ella Zuch, Glenn Griffeth, and Andrew Whitney.

Herron was one of the greatest Christian educators of his time.

[1] S. D. Herron, “Modernism in the Holiness Movement,” The Pilgrim News (July/August 1986), 2. 

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid.

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Some have the “ability,”


To say “what they think,”


WITHOUT thinking!


– eab, 2/24/10

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