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This Globe is a Glimpse

             of the Galaxy.

 This Earth is a tiny Etching

             of Eternity.

 Life is a Limited Look

             at Real Living.

 – eab, 12/25/06

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‘Tis no ordinary night.

Tomorrow a birthday looms.

Another year of life and light,

And I’m this side the tombs.


What has one year wrought?

Who is better because I lived it?

Where have I the lost sought?

To what good has live sieved it?   


Tomorrow, three score plus two,

Of the Biblical three score and ten.

Years as cattle, not a few,

Over yonder hill, now wend.

          – eab, 2/10/05

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“Pray, and let God worry.”

Martin Luther on this date 2/10/1546 is reported to have written this to Kate, his loving wife.  She was concerned (if not worried) – he was dead within 8 days.

There was only one German reformer like Luther.  He was not perfect but was mightily used of God in his life.  And his actions have continued to inspire after his death.


Luther was born 11/10/1483, at Eis­le­ben, Ger­ma­ny.  And after living and working elsewhere God arranged that he die the same place on 2/18/1546.

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