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Some buy “generic” medicine,


                – it is CHEAPER.


Some have bought into


                “generic” Bible translations,


– – – They seem to offer


a CHEAPER way. 


– eab, 2/17/10

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The bush that was green and yet was red,

The bush that burned but was not dead,

The bush that in the desert flamed,

The bush where our God  was named.

          – eab, 2/11/09

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…There are those who still think the way to save the world

is for the Church to become worldly. 

But when the world and the Church mix

it is the world that captures the Church and

not the Church that captures the world. 

                – Holiness the Heart of Christian Experience (KC: Beacon Hill Press, 1962;

                                                                     reprint, Concord, TN: Denton Publications, 1979), 41.

J B Chapman (James B.) on this date, 2/18/1903, married Maud Frederick, at Blossom, Texas.

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