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If “marriage


                is made in heaven


Guess where divorce


                is made. 


– eab, 2/18/10

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Trees and dogs both have bark.

Both can be rough “in the dark.”

By the bark you want to glide,

By the bark you wish to slide.

Before either leaves a skin mark.

          – eab, 2/7/09

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“Selfish religion loves Christ for His benefits, but not for Himself.”

David Brainerd, on this date, 2/20/1743, is said to have written the above in his journal.  He was, of course, a Colonial area missionary to our American Indians.  Brainerd was born 4/20/1718, at Haddam, Connecticut, and passed from this life, 10/9/1747 at Northampton, Massachusetts.

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