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N. E. W. S.

From where does N. E. W. S. come?

N.  North

E.  East

W.  West

S.  South               


– eab, 2/26/10

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When you see a puddle that’s ruddy,    

Don’t contemptuously call it “muddy,”

Unless its near-by-buddy

Is clear.

It may be the “ruddy season,”

Or have another reason,

Why to your eye it’s not pleasin’

My dear.      [1]

                – eab, 2/8/06          

[1] Written after seeing a puddle, walking on acreage behind church in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

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“Most of God’s people are content to be saved from the hell that is without. They are not so anxious to be saved from the hell that is within.”

Robert Murray McCheyne on this date, 2/27/1839, is said to have written the above in a letter.

He was a pastor who was born 5/21/1813 at Edinburg, Scotland and died 3/25/1843, at Dundee, Scotland.

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