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“Do I have a DEAL for you – drive this luxury car ‘FREE’ for one whole year

(imagine 1 YEAR!)

– then pay me $100 a week for the next 99 years

Sign right here. ________” 

Sound like the devil?  His deal is worse, MUCH worse!

                – eab, 3/4/10

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God is the source of all that’s love,

He is its life and light.

He loves all who are above,

Beyond mankind’s feeble sight.


And he loves all who are below,

Mortals scrambling o’er the earth.

Loves the humble, who seed sow,

Loves the ones of “highbrow” birth.


He loved the ones who evil chose,

But they ne’er loved Him.

They were rank odor to His nose,

And now have wrath to the rim.


Return God’s great glorious love.

Love Him with all your heart.

Till someday in a land above,

You and your Lord shall ne’re part.

                – eab, 3/5/08

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Thomas Prince Sr. a Boston pastor, on this date, 3/5/1743 published his first issue of the weekly, “The Christian History.”  By this act he and his son made history – giving Boston, no Massachusetts, no, America its first religious journal.  It also is reported to be the first evangelical American magazine.

It seems Prince may have been concerned that the “Great Awakening” was fading. 

He desired that his publication could/would document how this New England “revival” had been spread over other colonies.  Seems his goals also included a desire keep the “community from fracturing, encourage recent converts, and perhaps even prompt a few new ones.”

The Christian History magazine has inspired journalists and historians to “support the church” thorough such a means as he used.

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