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The greatest contrast is not           B L A C K & White

                                                Up & Down

                                    Or        Hot & Cold

The greatest contrast is between the worthiness of Christ

& the unworthiness of those for whom He died.

– eab, 3/12/10

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Hurrying toward the grave,

Whether mad master or sad slave,

Whether honest knight or sneaky knave,

Whether cringing coward of “bad” brave,

Whether home is dry castle or damp cave,

Whether silly Sally or somber, silent Dave,

Whether hurrying on earth or on wild wave,

Whether the one who took or the one who gave,

Only Christ can save

From what is beyond the grave!

                – eab, 3/12/09

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Mar 13, 1925 Austin Peay, Democratic Governor of Tennessee signed the legislation (the Butler Act) which prohibiting the teaching of evolution in Tennessee’s public school system.  (He was a strong advocate of public education.)  The legislation was challenged in the infamous “Scopes Monkey Trial” in July of that year.

Peay, originally a native of Kentucky, was electred governor of Tennessee in 1922, defeating Taylor, a Republican.  Peay’s popularity was not hurt by the trial of John Scopes, as he was re-elected a third time in 1926, after the trial that pited William Jennings Bryan against Clarence Darrow.  Bryan won.

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