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178 Sensible Republicans.


34   Sensible Democrats.


                God Bless Them!

– eab, 3/22/10

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There is coming a day when

          All we have known,

          All we have grown,

          All we have sown,

Will be instantly sealed in place.


By His mercy

          We shall rise,

          Through His receding skies, 

          Having said our last “good byes,”

To meet, the first time, our Savior face to face.



          This land of trials and tears,

          This realm of sorrows and fears,

          This time of gossip and sneers,

Will forever slip down – down, out, and away.


And forever

          We will be privileged to be,                          

          With Him “who died for me,”

          And His glory we shall see,

In His land of light, love, and endless day!

                – eab, 3/19/08

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Jonathan Edwards died this date, 3/22/1758, at Princeton, New Jersey.  He became a powerful preacher, an evangelical theologian, and missionary to the American Indians. His daughter, Jerusha Edwards (one of his eleven children), would perhaps have married David Brainerd had David not died prematurely.  Edwards was born 10/5/1703, at East Windsor, Connecticut.

Edwards became a beleiver inoculations, was inoculated for small pox and died from the inoculations.

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