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Lies can contain 50% truth,

95% truth are still lies.


Truth contains 0% falsehood. 

Only truth is pure.


Cults contain lies

Salvation contains no lies!                


– eab, 2/23/10

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It is at the point of little things,

That futures often meet.

The trail that’s chosen may soon decide,

The condition of the feet.


The very act that looked so small,

At the moment of decision.

Can turn the course, just enough,

To miss – O, perfect precision.


Don’t think that thoughtless acts or words,

Will always come to naught.

They change so much in so little time,

And stay forever, to haunt.


It’s the tiny thing done to a friend,

That will cause a friendship to end.

While a few kind words may win a foe,

Thus causing enmities to mend.


The twig that’s bent grows a bent tree;

A cause always brings a result.

Watch the little variations, they can be,

The awful, final, eternal fault.

                – eab, Mar. ‘75

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The purpose of God is not to make you happy; The purpose of God is to make you holy.

- Message heard by author, 21 April 1992, Dayton, OH.


What is heaven but an eternal monument to holiness?    

- Message heard by author, 9/11/1996, uncertain location.


You can tell a false prophet not so much by what he preaches as by what he doesn’t preach

– Quoted in message by Vernon Shockley, heard by author, 30 January ‘98, uncertain location.


The sanctified Christian can do what he desires

And, at the same time, what God requires.

- Message heard by author, 8 February 1998, Hobe Sound, Florida.


V O Agan died this date, 3/25/2006 in Alabama (1:30 PM).  He was born 7/12/1923, in Georgia.  He was converted to Christ 7/28/1939 while still in Georgia.  He met and married Ruby Davis, a young lady, from Alabama.  Agan was a graduate of God’s Bible School, Cincinnati, OH.  He was a minister and later conference president, with a heart for missions and for Christian education.

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