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* EVERY man stops being worldly *


– Either when he voluntarily


                drops it for Jesus Christ.


– Or when the “world” is PRIED


                from his cold, dying fingers.


– eab, 3/26/10

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On the distant horizon it has dimly shone

Heaven – is it your goal, alone,

Or have you talked to Him via “telephone”

Have you prayed un-uttered words – a groan?

Do you want to see Him face to face,

Who on Mount Calvary hung in your place?

Heaven without Him is a selfish goal.

Christ is the true attraction of the tempered soul.

                – eab, 3/18/08

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Christ, the Transforming Light,

Touches this heart of mine,  

Piercing the darkest night,

Making His glory shine.


Oh, to reflect His grace

Causing the world to see

Love that will glow,

Till others shall know

Jesus revealed in me.

Rodney “Gipsy” Smith born was born this date, 3/31/1860, in a gyp­sy tent, in Ep­ping For­est, near Wanstead (6 miles northeast of London).  His father, Cornelius (yet unconverted) told his mother (as she was dying) how to be saved and she was.  Later he was converted and (when Rodney was about 15) Cornelius let his son to Christ. 

After a stint with the Salvation Army, Gipsy became a Methodist evangelist and traveled to several countries preaching and singing.  He was in American a number of times.  In fact, he was on his way here when he died, aboard the Queen Ma­ry 8/4/1947.

 A quote attributed to Smith says, “Anyone can preach to a crowd, but it takes the grace of God to preach to one man.”

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