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N. Q.?

What is your N.Q. = News Quotient?


Do you feed on Bad News


                Or (be honest)


THE Good News?

– eab, 4/8/10

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No!  Christ is not an annual Babe-in-the-crib,

He’s seated on high.

He is interceding NOW for us,

Praying with a sigh,


Nor is He a permanent crucifix,

Seen only as the dead.

He is the church’s ever-living,

Eternal, Holy Head!


Not even the empty tomb is right,

If it’s “that” and nothing more.

He is all John saw on Patmos Isle,

Knocking at the door.


Christ’s way is not cycles of days,

Nor calendars of old. 

When repeating rites and rituals,

Man “is way too bold.”


Man likes the predictable,

Wants to know how it will end.

With programs and plans,

Ecumenical churches will blend.


Repeat, repeat, is not God’s way,

He likes variety.

Not one highly formal,

Nor one filled with hilarity.


This earth has cycles, seasons,

Tides rise from the ocean floor.

But man’s soul’s not made for earth –

He’s made for another shore.


Man’s made to grow, not cycle round,

Move out, not redefine.

Creation started a parenthesis;

Time, on – a – line.


Mt. Everest was covered but once,

In Noah’s famous Flood.

And then, awesome day,

One final shedding of the Lamb’s Blood.


Prophets picked up their telescopes –

Looked through them with smiles,

Time’s line held things far away,

Away by centuries, and miles.


God’s power needs not limited cycles,

By limited man.

Christians, be alert to the Word,

Defy a one-church plan.


The next great Christian event,

Is His Coming in the sky.

“Hello” to the wonderful line of God. 

To man’s plan – “Good-bye”!

                – eab, Apr. ‘98

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George S Schuler was born this date, 4/11/1882.  He was an American music educator and part of Moody Bible Institute for 40 years.  Schuler composed melody to the song “Make Me a Blessing.”

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