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If you plan to be at IHC, stop by my table for a visit.  Love to see you.


Look at my newest book, Glimpses of Greatness – a brief glance into lives of 54 people – several of you have known many of them.


Plan to have all four of my books there, as well as Bible Reading Charts for sale.


You don’t need to BUY anything – but do stop BY!

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A false floor

Means below what you see, there’s more.

A false wall

Means there’s another there, after all.

A set of false teeth

Means others used to be beneath.

A false light

Means a truer one is needed tonight.

False hair?

A wig, a toupee is now up there.

A false eye

Cannot see what’s far or nigh.

Most false items to not mean death or life,

False religion surely counts.

Christ’s Salvation is always true,

Avoid false cults in small, or large amounts. 

                – eab, 4/18/09        


If you have an eye for the tiny,

Substitutes abound.

If you’ll settle for less-than-the-best,

Second-rates are around.

If “good enough” will do for you,

If stuffed animals make up your zoo,

If church – you can’t wait till it’s through,

Your vows you need to renew.

False is “real” – it has a hold on you!

                – eab, 4/18/09

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“When the soul is wed to obedience,

the child is faith.”           – H. E. Darnell

H. E. Darnell was born the first time, 4/18/1919, in Louisiana.  He was converted to Christ (born again) on 1/6/1940 at Vivian, Louisiana.

 In that same year (and in the same location) Bro. Darnell was sanctified holy (2/4/1940).  He joined the Church of the Nazarene and later was one of their most intense evangelists.  His ministry crossed much of the U.S.

 He’s serious preaching will long be remembered and resulted in many souls seeking initial and full salvation and some of those are already in heaven.

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